Discover Video Conversations

Feeling Isolated?

With the recent social distancing being a major health requirement, many people are already noticing their feelings of isolation.  Yes, we can pick up the phone or send an email, but there’s nothing like being able to see the other person for a deeper connection.

What About Social Gatherings?

Heck, it’s even possible to have a party with friends or family, no matter where they live.

Two Good Choices

Zoom is a very stable meeting space for up to 100 participants. The free version allows unlimited time for two people and 40 minutes for 3 or more people

Google Meet is useful for texting, telephoning or video conferencing for up to 100 participants.  It is free using your Google Account.

My Complimentary Offer

If you are uncertain about getting set up, I’m here to help. I offer a 30-minute tour of either of these platforms.

What you Need

Your desktop computer equipped with a microphone and webcam or a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone.

Simply complete this form with your information and I will get back to you with some detailed instructions to get us started.